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8 Things in November I’m Excited About

*EDITOR’S NOTE*: The following post was imported from a different website, where it originally appeared. It may contain broken links, typos, and errors. But the feelings remain the same.

Turkeys beware: November has arrived! While the majority of Americans will be chowing down on carved birds later this month, we don’t have to wait quite as long to feast on some of the most anticipated projects in entertainment. From a parade of superheroes (and one antihero) to some late 1990s reminiscing, there’s plenty to look forward to throughout this month. So while you wait for your beard to grow in, check out some of the things I’m excited to see and hear the most in November.

Thor: Ragnarok In theaters November 3rd

Four years after his last solo venture, Thor returns with his third film in his series, and this time around he’s looking to get by with a little help from his big, green friend. While the first two Thor movies were generally liked by audiences and certainly financially successful, neither film lit up the box office as much as most of their Marvel counterparts. The studio is hoping that the inclusion of The Incredible Hulk will signify more green in their bank as well.

Sam Smith – The Thrill of It All Available November 3rd

When the English crooner released his 2014 debut album, In The Lonely Hour, he quickly became an international sensation, racking up four Grammy Awards along with both a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award. Now Smith looks to continue that success with his highly anticipated sophomore release. Lead single “Too Good at Goodbyes” doesn’t stray too far from soul-baring emotion and stirring vocals that endeared him to fans in the first place.

Murder on the Orient Express In theaters November 10th

Personally, this is the one on the list I’m looking forward to the most. Starring and directed by the legendary Kenneth Branagh, this adaptation of the Agatha Christie detective novel boasts one of the largest collection of stars in recent memory. Veterans like Judi Dench, Willem Dafoe, and Michelle Pfeiffer join hot new stars Josh Gad (Beauty and the Beast), Leslie Odom, Jr. (Hamilton), and Daisy Ridley (Star Wars). Oh, and did I mention Johnny Depp? I’m so there.

Justice League In theaters November 17th

After ten years of development and many, many changes along the way, Warner Bros. is finally set to release their superhero team-up film. And while their recent DC films have done fairly well at the box office, most have been derided by critics and audiences alike, preventing them from reaching the heights of the beloved Dark Knight movies. This year’s Wonder Woman has gotten the closest, grossing more than $82 million more than 2016’s Batman v Superman. If Justice League doesn’t fall somewhere in between, there may be even more question marks regarding the future of the franchise.

The Punisher Streaming on Netflix beginning November 17th

Netflix’s shared universe of Marvel series continues to expand with this latest installment. First introduced in Daredevil‘s second season, Frank Castle was a man on a mission to discover and eliminate the people responsible for the death of his family. This new series continues his story, where he discovers what seems to be a larger conspiracy around the events of his family. If the trailer is any indication, this promises to be the most intense and violent of the Marvel shows yet, so get ready for lots and lots of bullets.

Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond Streaming on Netflix beginning November 17th

Earlier this year, Netflix acquired the rights for this documentary which goes behind the scenes of the 1999 biopic Man on the Moon. Jim Carrey won a Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of the late entertainer Andy Kaufman, who was known for his offbeat personality and wild antics both on- and off-camera. While filming Man on the Moon, Carrey found himself channeling Kaufman, and this documentary shows all of the behind-the-scenes footage while Carrey recalls just how much of an impact the role had on his career and his life.

Coco In Theaters November 22nd

After back-to-back sequels, Pixar is back with its latest original story based on the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos, or “Day of the Dead.” The movies centers on Miguel, a young boy who dreams of being a musician like his idol, a deceased music and film star. Despite his family’s ban on music, Miguel sets out to prove his talent, eventually finding himself in an adventure through the Land of the Dead, where he’ll discover the truth of his family’s history. The movie looks to continue Pixar’s trademark charm, and after Disney’s Moana last year, I’m quite excited to see them embrace more stories of cultural diversity.

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie Premiering on Nickelodeon November 24th

After five seasons and a theatrical film, Hey Arnold! returns to Nickelodeon 15 years after its finale aired on TV. This new TV movie follows our favorite football-headed fourth grader as he and his class earn the opportunity to take a long-distance field trip to the jungle-laden country of San Lorenzo, which also happens to be the same place where Arnold’s never-seen parents went missing. Unlocking the mystery of their disappearance will test the limits of Arnold, along with his friendships. This project was actually in the works during the original run of the series, and now it finally gets a chance to see the light. I’m all about nostalgia for the ’90s, so I can’t wait to dive back in.

What else are you excited for in November? Let me know in the comments below!

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