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'The Masked Singer'—All Season 4 costumes ranked from worst to first!

All photos courtesy of Fox

Last night, Fox aired a sneak peak of The Masked Singer that gave us our first official look at the full roster for Season 4 of the smash hit. As a lover of puzzles and games, I have slowly become obsessed with this show, trying to decipher the clues and listen with intent to see if I recognize any voices. The game is only half of the appeal, though. The crew of The Masked Singer is responsible for some of the most elaborate costumes ever put on television. Even with 46 outfits already donned by celebrities, the designers still attempt to outdo themselves, and Season 4 are some of the best they've ever produced. But which ones are the best of the best? Check out all 16 costumes below and see which one I think rose above the rest.

16) Lips

Something about this design just screams out "time crunch"—I wonder if they had something more elaborate in mind that they couldn't make work? Also, from the video, this celebrity seemed to have limited mobility and possibly be older, so perhaps they wanted a big opening to try and reduce how hot it is inside.

15) Broccoli

The expression on Broccoli is great, and the big belly does a great job of hiding the celebrity's shape. However, the plaid-like pants and protruding fur remind me too much of the superior Thingamajig from Season 2.

14) Whatchamacalit

I give a ton of credit to the costume makers; this one must have been a pain to put together. I do love the different shades of icy blue, even though I could have probably done without the weird solo eye.

13) Squiggly Monster

A worthy addition to the "Monster" series. I love the variety of colors on the fur body, and the top hat was a really nice small touch. It's too early to tell whether the connected side arms give it a cool look in motion, or if it becomes a tad tacky.

12) Sun

The handcrafted headpiece is stunningly exquisite, and the halo on the back complements it very well. The dress is nice too, though perhaps the full use of gold reminds me a bit of Lion from Season 1.

11) Snow Owls

The first two-person costume doesn't disappoint. The feather bodies look authentic, and the design of the Fabergé egg is lovely. I can only imagine how weird it must look to move around the stage in that thing.

10) Baby Alien

The biggest design gamble of the series by far, here comes a tiny puppet! (I love the "smoke" at the bottom of the dress.) Will the celebrity be controlling the thing throughout the entire performance? Is there any way this isn't Jeff Dunham?

9) Dragon

The headpiece is by far the highlight of the costume—it may be the best one of all of them. But the rest of Dragon is nothing to sneeze at either: I'm preferable to the red and gold accents and the clawed gloves.

8) Popcorn

One area that the costume designers had previously struggled with were eyes. (The pair on last season's Kangaroo looked particularly dead.) This season, they've drastically improved all around, and Popcorn's expression is the best of them. The amount of rhinestones on the costume is especially impressive.

7) Gremlin

Of all the fur-based designs, the Gremlin is the king of the crop. The purple, white, and black accents are amazing, and the droopy ears are adorable. They could literally market this one as a kids' plush toy.

6) Jellyfish

The Jellyfish feels like the most ambitious design that could have been either really great or really awful. Fortunately, they pulled it off, with the most striking detail being the neon green electricity crackling up and down the legs and right arm.

5) Seahorse

The Seahorse is a stunning costume determined to bounce off of your HD screen. A rainbow of colors from head to toe combines with some shelling that extends into the torso. I do wonder how much of that hanging head blocks the viewpoint of the celebrity, but probably no more so than most of the headpieces.

4) Mushroom

Mushroom is a literal cartoon character come to life. The design of the dress make it appears as if they are actually growing from the floor. The naturalistic color adds to the effect of the smaller caps and grass growing out of the stalk. And like I mentioned with Popcorn, the eyes are warm and comforting.

3) Crocodile

Last season's Frog had plenty of swag, and this reptile looks primed to upstage him. From the luscious fur-accented cape, to the sparkling hat and bow-tile, to the crocodile-skin gloves, I'd want to rock this outfit at any Halloween party.

2) Giraffe

The old-fashioned, baroque outfit is the highlight of the Giraffe. Photos don't do justice to all of the fine jewelry pieces on the shoes and jacket, along with the black lace on the cuffs and chest. Combined with the wig and tiny glasses on the extremely tall headpiece, this costume is extremely fancy.

1) Serpent

I could pick a few different things that make the Serpent my favorite costume: the Egyptian-style gold plating; the snakeskin leather; or the large, intimidating headpiece ready to attack. But the part that makes this costume stand out from the rest—including past seasons—are the animatronic snakes that wrap around the body, literally bringing the character to life.

Do you agree with the list? What costume is your favorite? Let your voice be heard in the comments below!

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