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'The Boys'—Season Two: Five questions I want answered

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This post contains SPOILERS about Season One of The Boys.

The Boys are back in town, and it’s about time. Amazon’s hit series is set to make its long-awaited return, with the first three episodes of Season Two debuting this Friday, Sept 4th on Prime Video. Last season’s explosive finale left plenty of questions to be answered. The biggest one: How exactly will Billy Butcher cope with the revelation that not only is his missing wife still alive, but that she’s fathered the son of his biggest superpowered enemy, the deranged Homelander? I’m looking forward to seeing how that story goes down, but of course, there’s much more to the series than those characters. Before the new season begins, I want to share my own questions that I hope get some answers by the time the Season Two finale comes around.

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What exactly has Butcher done in his past?

In the first season, Billy Butcher’s background was largely framed around the disappearance of his wife, Becca—which we now know wasn’t what it seemed. But aside from doing work for Mallory with the other members of The Boys, there’s not much else we know about Butcher. However, one thing that always stood out to me was Mesmer’s terrified reaction to touching Butcher and seeing who he has been. I’d love to see what exactly Butcher got into in the years after Becca’s disappearance. Did he kill Mesmer to keep that information from coming out?

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What will Starlight’s role be in the battle against Vought?

The other primary focus of the series was the burgeoning relationship between Butcher’s newest recruit, Hughie, and Starlight, the latest addition to The Seven. When Homelander discovered Starlight’s affiliation with Hughie, not only did she almost lose her life, but she felt betrayed by Hughie and seemingly wanted nothing to do with him. However, the finale saw her intervening on behalf of The Boys and helping them escape while she fought A-Train. What will her role be going forward? Will she leave Vought and fight alongside The Boys? Or will she become a double agent within The Seven?

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Who is Mr. Edgar?

Vought International’s daily operations for The Seven were run on-screen by Senior VP Madelyn Stillwell. She spent the season trying to negotiate a military contract for superheroes with the government, while simultaneously holding off Homelander’s growing erratic behavior. Unfortunately for her, once he discovered the secret child she had been hiding from him, which eventually led to her murder. But before she died, we saw her interact with Vought’s CEO, Mr. Edgar. It appeared that Stillwell was poised to take over Edgar’s role in the company, but now that she’s dead, will Edgar play a more prominent role in managing The Seven?

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Will we see Black Noir put on his own piano concert?

That’s it. That’s the question.

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What is the deal with the flies?

On several occasions throughout the first season, scenes would feature a noticeable fly near the heads of a few characters. I would dismiss this as purely coincidental, were it not for the intentionally amplified audio of buzzing. It seems that someone wanted to call our attention to these flies. What exactly do they mean? Could they possibly be another Supe with the ability to shrink? Were they sent by Mallory? Showrunner Eric Kripke has gone on record to say that they mean nothing, but I’m a bit hesitant to take him at his word.

Got any theories for Season Two? Drop a line in the comments below!

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