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‘The Last Jedi’: 3 Takeaways from the new trailer!

*EDITOR’S NOTE*: The following post was imported from a different website, where it originally appeared. It may contain broken links, typos, and errors. But the feelings remain the same.

The brand new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally arrived, and it is chock full of juicy goodness. Director Rian Johnson wasn’t kidding when he suggesting avoiding marketing for the film until its December 15th release, because there is plenty to unpack from the two and a half minute showcase. (EDIT: Even Johnson was so in love with the trailer, he urged everyone via Twitter to ignore his previous warnings.) As per usual, it leaves most of us with more questions than answers, but here are three things from the trailer that left me very curious.

3) This Little One!


Lest we forget, Star Wars isn’t just an epic space opera series, but it’s also a heavy duty merchandising machine. When toys for The Force Awakens were released, Star Wars merchandise sales surged to a new high, as it was the lovable droid BB-8 that led the charge. The studio can’t resist the opportunity to introduce a new breakout character, and this little creature who seems to be Chewbacca’s new buddy just may fit the mold. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up being another Jar Jar.

2) Where Art Thou, Finn?


There are plenty of questions that fans hope The Last Jedi answers. But if one of those questions happens to be “What is Finn’s role in all of this?”, well then you can go ahead and continue to ask. Between the two trailers, Finn has appeared for what looks to be all of four seconds, saying barely anything but a battle cry. His new black uniform suggests that he may have joined the First Order, but the glimpse of his fight with Captain Phasma suggests otherwise. My best guess? Maybe he’s the leader of a new group of ex-Stormtrooper turncoats. Whatever the case, hopefully he has more to say when the movie actually debuts.

1) All in the Family


As Dennis Reynolds would gladly tell you, it’s all about the implication. And oh my goodness, there were SO MANY IMPLICATIONS in this trailer, all revolving around the people connected to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Now, I say “implications” because you have to remember that this is a trailer, and the cuts, clips, and voiceovers we saw and heard may not be exactly how they appear in the actual film. So it seemed that Kylo Ren was poised to destroy his mother, Leia, as we heard about him needing to eliminate his past. It seemed that Luke was referrring to the scope of Rey’s power as it reminded him of another’s power some time ago. It seemed like Rey was reaching out the Kylo for help at the end of it all, that the trailer leaned in heavily to the concept that they are long-lost siblings, à la Luke and Leia. However, this could all just be some trailer trickery. We’ll just have to wait for December 15th to find out the real truth.

images courtesy of Disney

What were your favorite parts of the new trailer? Let me know in the comments below!

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